We are working with our partners in Armenia to provide socially affordable housing to vulnerable refugees.

in 2015, along with UNHCR , Oxfam and SARF we provided rental subsidies to almost 1,000 Syrian refugee families that have taken refuge in Armenia.  As a regional host country, Armenia has been an exemplary host country which has welcomed more refugees per inhabitant. It hosts 6 Syrian refugees per 1000 inhabitants (proportionally more than Germany, Sweeden or the USA and Canada). Throughout the Syrian war, Armenia has not housed refugees in camps (like other host countries) nor has there been any cases of refugee homelessness in Armenia.

In 2016, we plan on continuing to augment UNHCR's valuable housing efforts in Support of Syrian refugees despite the 50% cut in UNHCR's budget for Armenia by working with our partner Oxfam Armenia, and our other housing consortium partners from all over the world.  Our plan for 2016 will include an improved social services component for better socio-economic integration and a contingency to receive hundreds of refugee families who continue to seek refuge in Armenia.

The Refugee Rental Subsidy Program in Armenia - delivered through a Consortium of Humanitarian Partners


Rental Subsidy Fact Sheet.png

We firmly believe that providing affordable housing to refugees who have lost their homes is a critical intervention. Keeping refugees in “camps” or “refugee shelters” year after year is neither a sustainable nor healthy solution.

While the Government of Armenia has been providing vital social services to Syrian refugees in Armenia, affordable housing is vital for urban refugees and is in short supply